No Time Like the Present

No Time Like the Present

Today's a special day. Why you ask? It's simple. It's my dear friend Rocky's birthday. He turned 50 today.

Today is super special because in February of this year, I flew out to see Rocky in Minneapolis. I wanted to "hang out" with my buddy. You see Rocky is a "road" buddy. We see each other easily four or five times a year at shows like VSLIVE and events like MVP Summit. We've done this now for over 10 years. And while it's work, we have a great time, share, and just hang out like old friends do. So I went out to the frozen land of Minnesota and we hung out. We had some really great food, watched a movie, and even went to the Mall of America.

We did it because to be honest, I wasn't so sure we'd be doing this again. I was scared. Rocky's got a great post if you want to read it. The bottom line is he was going in for some scary surgery and I wasn't sure he was going to make it. I wanted to make sure I got to spend a little bit of quality time with him, just in case. I was scared.

Well as Captain Obvious would say, "there was nothing to be scared about", because I'm writing this today. Actually there was, a lot. The surgery was a big deal And as the day approached for him to have surgery, and then he DID have it, I was more worried.

After the surgery, Rocky's wife left a searing image in my brain:

"He looks like he's been beat up. His eyes are so swollen, you can't see his eyelashes. They said they 'cleaned him up', but there's still blood dried on him here and there. His wonderful hair that he's been growing out a little due to my wishes looks like something out of an anime' nightmare. An awful, but wonderful sight, because he's alive. Brain function appears normal. All other organs show signs of working just fine."

So on one hand, I felt better. On the other, I new it would be a long road. Well, the road is still there and Rocky's living it.
So when today's birthday reminders came up earlier this week, I was super happy. Rocky's now part Borg but looks great and plans continue to grace us with his smile, humor, and big geek heart.

There's no time like the present to spend time with those you care about. No time like the present to tell someone you love them. And there's no time like the present to put down the glowing screen or push back from the desk. Rocky, I love you man. I'm so happy to wish you "Happy 50th" my brother. And when Teresa tells me it's OK, I'll buy you a celebratory glass or two of wine.

Good night folks. Be good humans.

Brian A. Randell

Brian A. Randell

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